How to Keep a Suit Mentality While Working in PJs

by Jessica Malen

If you work from home, try these tips to enhance your productivity. Once upon a time, working from home was predominantly an option only for small-business owners and those in the creative industry. Today, as many as 30 million Americans… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Spice up Your Company’s Walking Program

by Beth Czischke

It’s common for companies to offer walking programs as part of their wellness offerings. Walking has numerous health benefits, is free and is accessible to almost everyone regardless of their fitness level. Walking programs usually consist of logging the number… Continue Reading →

Becoming Smarter: Brain Training Games Out; Exercise In

by Tom Ersin

Of (sedentary) Mice and (active) Men (and women) I might not be a genius yet, but I’m really good at identifying when the word red is written in blue ink. (— Elizabeth Day,

Mindfulness in the Workplace

by Jessica Malen

How to Be Present Each Day, Even as You Work

Go Green: Create an Environmentally Responsible Workforce

by Jessica Malen

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Thoughtful Environmental Impact Isn’t Just for Hippies— It’s for the Future During the rush and whir of the hectic workweek, how often do you stop to think about your environmental impact? Caring about the footprint your… Continue Reading →

Make Creativity the Conductor of Productivity in the Workforce

by Jessica Malen

How Enhancing Your Business is like Composing a Symphony There comes a time in every business venture when things need to be shaken up — sometimes drastically, other times just a bit. Either way, one can’t just clap her hands together… Continue Reading →

Create Smarterphone Users

by Beth Czischke

The smartphone – while it’s a relatively new invention, many of us already can’t imagine life without one. Nearly two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone, and according to a recent Gallup Panel, more than 40 percent of Americans check theirs… Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Shops May Have the Model for More Exercise

by Jen Bucciarelli

Sadly, It Doesn’t Involve Eating More Ice Cream When you step into an ice cream parlor, you are met with a bounty of flavors. Generally, you don’t purchase the same scoop every time (but it’s OK if you do), so… Continue Reading →

Promote Microadventures for Macro Health Benefits

by Beth Czischke

In past posts we’ve established the following: Feeling a sense of wonder and awe can boost your immune system, refresh your sense of teamwork, sharpen cognitive processing and help you be more present. When physical activity is fun, people are… Continue Reading →

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